‘We noticed there was a gap in the market for classes to teach women about health and fitness, grooming and self confidence.  We feel it is important to show teenage girls how to build on their social skills and become more self confident, especially when you hear about things like cyber bullying…’

‘The camps focus on assertiveness and being happy in your own skin – giving advice from top industry experts on health and fitness, skincare, fashion, styling and grooming…’

‘Style Camp aims to boost the self confidence of their young debutantes and show teenage girls that while less is more for makeup, the same can’t be said for clothes…’

We use elements of old school teaching for young girls who no longer know the correct way to sit at a table to eat or even what cutlery to use.  It’s just the basics but you would be amazed at the number of young girls who can’t even set a table…’

‘…another major issue for young girls and women is how to exude confidence – first impressions count ‘

‘It’s really brilliant to watch the girls grow over the two day camp.  They learn about how to apply make up properly, get professionally fashion styled – taking into account their own size and body shape …’